Top 5 Books to Pack in Your Beach Bag this Summer

Nicole Doliner

As a former teacher, when I had any time away from the classroom, my reading preferences would be all about escapism -- books that totally brought me to a different place than the classroom that exhausted me. Often my spring breaks are spent sitting on my front porch in New England, soaking in some Vitamin D and pretending that it’s warmer than it actually is. Here are some great books that provided me the escape that I needed, even from the comfort of home.

The Perfect Couple by Elin Hilderbrand


To me, Elin Hilderbrand’s books scream summer: most of them take place on Nantucket, in the summertime, and usually have a little mystery or romance (or both!) thrown in. This book, out in paperback now, took me to the isle of Nantucket on fourth of July Weekend -- I could almost see fireworks in the air! This was about a wedding that was going to be perfect -- until the Maid of Honor winds up dead. What happened? Told from multiple perspectives, this book was compulsively readable & will be a perfect beach read! 

The Huntress by Kate Quinn


I LOVED this novel! This took place in post World War II Boston, with flashbacks to Europe during WWII. There was mystery & romance and Kate Quinn is a master at character development. Jordan is a teenager in Boston, living with her widowed father who marries the mysterious Annalise. Ian Graham is a Nazi hunter whose world collides with Jordan’s in ways you won’t expect. I haven’t normally been a fan of historical fiction but this book has absolutely turned me onto the genre. 


The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo by Taylor Jenkins Reid


This book is absolutely STUNNING. It broke my heart into a million pieces. Evelyn Hugo was a movie star in the Golden Age of Hollywood in the 1950’s, always in gossip rags for her scandalous love life! She decides to sit down with Monique, a journalist, and spill all of her secrets. You will not be disappointed by this book! 

The First Mistake by Sandie Jones 


WOW! I became a big fan of this author after reading her previous book, The Other Woman, in about a day. I wasn’t sure of what to expect, and want to give you the same feeling when you dive into this book. Once the plot ramps up, there’s a twist & turn in almost every chapter. A really quick-paced domestic thriller that’s perfect for the beach! This will be out on June 11, 2019, and I’m anticipating it will have a spot on a lot of book club lists! 

Things You Save in a Fire by Katherine Center


Katherine Center is great at writing real women in real situations. Cassie is a firefighter at the peak of her career in Austin -- but circumstances in her life lead her to Massachusetts. She’s got the odds of fitting in stacked against her in this male-dominated firehouse, but she’s determined to be integral to her new team. This is the third book I've read by this author and they're always enjoyable & lighthearted. I like the 'twist' at the end and everything was resolved beautifully!

What books are you reading this summer?

Editor’s Note: One really cool thing to know about Nicole is that she actually runs her own book blog. I basically only read books if Nicole posts about them, so I can’t recommend following her enough! -B. Roach

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