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#ShopSmall Darwin and Delilah

When I first came across Darwin and Delilah, I kid you not, my heart skipped a beat. I was drawn in first with the richly colored fabrics, hooked by the vintage designs, but then.. holy fuck… is that a Sasquatch on that jacket?? A fox face on that darling pea coat?? I looked through piece after piece after piece while throwing pillows at my husband as he sat on the other couch to get his attention, informing him that we were indeed about to go bankrupt since I needed to purchase every single item for Marceline, posthaste.

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Why It’s Important To Support Small Businesses

But in the age of Amazon, online shopping and instant gratification, why is it still so important to support “the little guy?” After all, their prices are often much higher than a similar product you could find at Target, many artists *gasp* charge shipping on their products! The horror! So why give them your money? I’m glad you asked!

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