10 Signs You Might Be an Introvert

I’ve always been a little reserved, but I wouldn’t necessarily characterize myself as shy, per se. Until I was about 25, and was in my yoga training, I had no idea that I was actually an introvert. I just thought it meant that you didn’t like going out or meeting people. But once one of my peers explained what it means to be an introvert, so much about my life—and meme preference—finally made sense.

She said that being an introvert is not shyness, or even the desire to stay at home all the time. Being an introvert is more about how interactions leave you feeling afterward. Put simply: if socializing, especially hoot-n-hollerin parties, leaves you feeling drained, rather than energized, you’re probably not an extrovert.

So what are some of the signs that you might be like me?

You might be an introvert if you feel a little like Lance Armstrong winning the Tour de France after a small dinner with, like, five people. You enjoyed the company, had a nice glass of pinot, but now you’re ready for a long nap.

If you have to hype yourself up on self-talk and a nasty-but-necessary Red Bull before a gathering, you might be an introvert.

Your best friend can do all the talking for you at a soiree, and you’re perfectly okay with it. They could tell outlandish lies about how you save pandas for a living, and that’s fine with you, as long as you don’t have to think of something to say.

“Netflix and chill” actually means watching TV in your PJs after a long day.

The larger the gathering, the longer it takes you to recover.

You tend to stay in a conversation with one or two people at a party at least long enough to know their names.

You attend brunches every now and again, mostly because you really want to try the croissants and quiche (is that a brunch thing?).

When they invite you and want you to accept, your friends make sure to tell you that it is definitely not a party.

Team projects get you feeling like, “why?”

And you might be an introvert if nothing makes you happier than alone time to recharge your batteries, whether it’s at home, the beach, or the gym.

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