#ShopSmall Effie's Paper

I may appear to have the range between casual and edgy, but I love pretty things. I do. I love flowers, I follow so many jewelry profiles on Instagram and I gravitate towards things I definitely don’t need if they’ve got that pretty something something.

Effie’s Paper has just those pretty something somethings!

Owner Kalyn Johnson Chandler says the full name of her company is Effie’s Paper : Stationary and Whatnot, and it’s exactly that! One glance and you’ll see that they have a bit of everything; from stationary to makeup bags, mugs and water bottles to keychains.

For Kalyn, stationary is personal and where Effie’s Paper got its start. Her grandmother, Effie, worked for the Mitchell Greeting Card Company and Kalyn says because of it, stationary is in her DNA. After her wedding she realized that there just wasn’t enough stylish and personalized stationary out there and thought that if she felt that way, perhaps others did too! But because of the digital world we find ourselves in and our dependence relying more on phones than paper, she realized she’d have to shift her vision to incorporate the modern, streaming world into her love of traditional paper goods. And so, Effie’s Paper: Stationary and Whatnot was born and it truly incorporates both the old school and new!

Effie’s Paper offers the paper and whatnots that she loves and all with a glam, stylish and cheeky edge! From bright, bold stationary (which I promise will make writing those thank you notes much less of a chore) to keychains, pens, and the absolute best attention grabbing coffee mugs, their products are practical and pack a graphic punch.

If you’re looking for fun, flirty, funky lifestyle accessories for yourself or for someone you know (with excellent taste), I promise, you can’t go wrong by checking out Effie’s Paper! Here’s where you can find them:

www: www.effiespaper.com
insta: @effiespaper // www.instagram.com/effiespaper/
pinterest: www.pinterest.com/effiespaper/
fb: www.facebook.com/effiespaperstationery
Twitter – www.twitter.com/effiespaper