How We Adjusted to Our Amazing Surprise Baby

The moment you receive the news that you will be a first-time parent, it comes with so many emotions and can be quite overwhelming. My partner and I are the proud parents of a beautiful 9-month-old, Scarlett. When we found out that she had gotten pregnant on birth control it was an absolute shocker but after the initial wave of high emotion, we realized that we were going to be parents and would be bringing a child into the world. 

Although we weren’t initially prepared to be parents, we had to get prepared pretty damn quick. It’s been so amazing to see her grow up and change in so many ways and we’ve learned so much over the past 18 months thanks to not only our families but our amazing online community of friends. Our families were quite supportive and they absolutely adore Scarlett and can’t get enough snuggles. We’ve had our share of rough times with raising her but once we look at her or see that smile it all just melts away and all is right in our little part of the world. 

This is for all the new and expecting parents to let you know that you got this. You might be scared, anxious, or downright frightened but all it takes is holding them in your arms, watching them sleep, or just seeing a big smile on their face and it’s all good in your little part of the world.

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