Chore Lists for Kids (Organized by Age Group!)

Kids are capable of more than we think. When we give our kids the time to struggle and the space to be creative, they will surpass our expectations. 

I make my kids do chores to provide that opportunity. 

But all kids have different abilities so it can be confusing to cultivate realistic expectations.

Remember that there is always a learning process involved, and learning how to maintain a home is a bonus!

Here is a guide to kids chores by age!

Toddler Chores

Toddlers can pick up their toys, put laundry in the hamper, carry their dishes to the sink, and put away folded clothes. 

You will probably need to walk them through each step to ensure it is done well and to help them focus. For more tips on making chores with toddlers easier, check out my secrets here.  

They will need small tasks that can be accomplished quickly. There two ways to accomplish this. 

You can organize their toys and build shelves to keep them out of their reach. This keeps them from dumping out the entirety of their toys.  

If that’s not an option, help them pick up while the mess is still small. Make the goal to keep it from growing. 

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School-Age Chores

Starting around five years or so, kids can do everything toddlers can do, plus wipe down tables, dry dishes and stack them, put away silverware, put away folded laundry, feed pets, and make their beds. 

Older school-age kids, starting around seven years, can do everything the five-year-old can do, plus sweep, mop, and vacuum care for pets (except walking dogs), and take out the trash. 

Chores for Tweens

Tweens can do every school-age kids can do, plus washing laundry and dishes, cleaning bathrooms, cleaning out cars, keeping storage areas clean and organized, changing air and water filters, and they can start learning to cook. 

Chores for Teens

Teens are very capable. They should be able to do everything above. This is a great time to teach them to how to care for items like dishwashers (do you clean your filter?), how to maintain the car (think oil and air filter changes), how to unclog the toilet, and how to change fuses in your breaker box or car. 

Chores are an important part of childhood. Not only do they teach kids the mundane knowledge they need to run a home, but also because they are a great opportunity to let our kids struggle and be creative to solve problems. 

Do you struggle with getting your kids to do chores? Tell me why!