8 Board Books for Baby

written by Kayla Carrouth

As an avid reader myself, I’m always on the lookout for new or unique board books to read to my daughter. These are some of her favorites, as in I know every word to each of these books so well that I don’t even need to look at the pages anymore- and they’re so good that I’m not even mad about it!

Look, Look - Peter Linenthal 


While it’s often tempting to grab the colorful books, black and white books like “Look, Look” are actually great for smaller babies because their eyesight and perception of color are still developing. This was one of my daughter’s early favorites. It’s simple but perfect for that newborn stage!

“Never Touch A Dinosaur” Series

We are OBSESSED with this series. At first my daughter hated the touch and feel books with varying fabrics, so I saw this silicone board book in Target one day and figured I would try it out. Her little hands immediately loved the unique textures- and I love that it’s an easy material to clean if she gets milk/goldfish/etc..all over it. If your babe loves these as much as mine did- there are three more in the series and they are all great!

“Itsy Bitsy Spider – Touch and Trace Nursery Rhymes”- Emily Bannister

I struggle to remember nursery rhymes or songs on the spot, so I love the idea of having a book of nursery rhymes alongside some fun traceable elements for little hands. My daughter loves sticking her little fingers in the holes on the side of the book and the tracing keeps her entertained long enough to sit still through a book- which at 13 months feels like a miracle of its own.  

Little People Big World Series  

I bought the “Amelia Earhart” book on a complete impulse on day in Barnes and Noble because my daughter’s name is Amelia and now I cannot get enough of these phenomenal board books. Admittedly I will buy any baby books related to women’s history, but these are truly something special. The unique, stylish color schemes and short sentences are great for younger kids who love to turn pages quickly. Some of the other women featured include, Maya Angelou, Frida Kahlo, Marie Curie, Audrey Hepburn,  and Coco Chanel.

(The series began as picture books for older children but they’ve started making board books as well- so if you’re buying online make sure you’re getting the right one!)

“This Little Trailblazer”- Joan Holub, Daniel Roode

I basically love everything about this book- the illustrations, the diversity, the powerful message that women are trailblazers out there changing the world. Each of the women featured have a two-page spread, one with short rhyming poem and one with the illustration and additional details. For the time being we read the poems, but I love that this a book that will grow with my little one and as she gets older will learn more and more about the women highlighted in this book. My daughters loves it so much that she often finds the copy in the library and makes me read it again and again!

Stack The Cats- Susie Ghahremani 

This colorful and goofy book about cats is easily my top choice for counting books for babies. It introduces counting and some other basic mathematical concepts while still being simple enough for little ones to understand. We have two cats that my daughter loves, but this is great pick whether you’re a cat owner or not!

Dr. Seuss Board Books

These are a big hit in our house because of the short sentences and often nonsensical rhyming structure. They also give me that cozy nostalgic feeling of reading books I loved when I was a kid to my own baby. Sometimes classics are classics for a reason.

Sandra Boynton Books

Boynton’s books are another great example of why certain board books are considered classics. We have several of them and they’ve all been big hits with my daughter. These whimsical books are guaranteed to bring plenty of laughs to story times.