On the Importance of Hobbit Friends

Before I met my husband, I thought I was a nerd. I had an upbringing based on Star Wars, Star Trek, and shameless literary references of pop culture and literature.

It wasn’t until I met my Tolkien-obsessed spouse that I realized how little of the nerd world I really knew. An entire universe I had missed out on all my life! And from those beloved characters, there’s so much to learn.

Today on our drive, we have been listening to a podcast that my hubby loves, which analyzes portions of The Lord of the Rings. I’m telling you...NERD STUFF.

In the part of the book series covered today, Frodo is trying to decide how to tell his friends he must leave their home and possibly never return. He struggles on how to expose this truth...only to be shocked when they tell him they knew he was planning his departure all along.

You see, his friends knew him so well, and watched him so closely, they knew this day would come. And not only do they know, they’ve been preparing to leave with him. Because that’s what friends do.

It struck me as such an amazing illustration of friend love, I almost cried. Granted, a lot of things make me cry...but nothing so much as the importance of relationships. I immediately find myself drawing parallels to my own life.

Like hobbits, moms need girlfriends who pay close attention to how their companions are doing. Not just on the surface. How they are REALLY doing. To have girlfriends who sense we are suffering even when we ourselves have not yet come to terms with it, who shoot you a text when they haven’t heard from you in a day or two, who tag you in senseless memes that make us smile, who send us a message saying “NOT ENOUGH COFFEE IN THE WORLD TODAY how are you?”. These are all bonds that matter. I can think of many occasion in my mom journey that a random message from a friend has turned my day around, and given me hope again.

I would say it should be a goal in every lady’s life to be a present hobbit friend to the lady next to us. I’ve added “be a Samwise to somebody’s Frodo” to my mama crew bucket list, and I hope you’ll join me on this adventure. Because it’s dangerous to go alone.