Our resident baby name sage hand-selected the best original nature names just for you!

Chelle Roman

I love a good nature-inspired name. But I also have seen the same few used and suggested over and over. Here are some fresh options that aren’t too “out there” but are also not yet too commonplace.

Azalea - along the lines of the much loved “Juniper” without the trendiness. Also the nickname ”Azzie” is ridiculously cute.

Branch - yea, yea, name of a Troll, I know. But really it falls under the “short and sweet but strong” umbrella of names that are easy yet awesome.

Fern - Obviously, indicative of beautiful forest foliage, but it also is a sweet nod to the beloved, Charlotte’s Web. Cannot. Go. Wrong.

Talon - this name feels bold and masculine while also having a soft sound that doesn’t make it sound jerk-ish.

Arbor - truly a genderless name. Perfect blend of femininity and masculinity.  

Briar - I mean, obviously an awesome option if you are a Disney fan, but it’s a lovely name regardless for parents who are looking for a floral name without the obvious Lily and Rose  

Crane - Along the lines of Talon, Crane has a strong masculine feel without being all “hunting and fishing”.

Marigold - Being able to call a child “Goldie” is just too fab for words. If you want to be less “hippy” you could always shorten to “Mari” for a classic twist on a unique name.

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