5 Reasons I've Got Some Serious Beef With Open Concept Floor Plans

Chelle Roman

You can’t get through one episode of House Hunters without one of the future homeowners uttering the words “we like an open concept floor plan”. Everyone has been obsessed with this whole open concept design for homes. But I never hopped on that bandwagon. And here’s why.

1. For starters, I love old houses.

I grew up in one and my mom has a love for all things vintage and antique so I’m sure that’s where I got my start. But for as long as I can remember I never loved shiny new homes and was always drawn to the character and charm of old homes. And guess what 90% of those old homes had? Rooms! And doors! And separation!

2. Which brings me to number two. Who wants people to walk into their house and smell the fish you cooked for dinner last night?

Not me. Put a door on that kitchen. Also, I love that I can shut the door to my kitchen and not have guests immediately see my sink of dishes. Which rolls is into...

3. Messes.

When your living, dining, and kitchen are all one big open area, it leaves little room for error. A mess in the kitchen is a visible mess in the living room. A kid’s art project mess on the dining table is displayed for all to see upon entry into the home. Cleaning up means cleaning three rooms at a time, not just one. I’m not organized enough for that crap.

4. Also....maybe I don’t want my ENTIRE house to be painted one color.

I’m a gal who likes an eclectic style. I don’t need my kitchen to match my living room because they’re in the same space.

5. And last but not least....PRIVACY.

Look, I love my family. I understand the draw of watching the kids play in the living room while you cook dinner in the kitchen. It sounds lovely. But what isn’t lovely is having one big living space and four humans who want to use it in different ways. If a kid is at the dining table doing homework, it’s not easy for dad to watch the baseball game on the TV. I love being able to shut the door to the kitchen and rocking out to my own cooking soundtrack while the kids are in another room playing video games.

In conclusion, let’s all consider that maybe open floor plans are not all they’re cracked up to. Bring back rooms with doors and options. We gave open floor plans the old college try, time for some back to basics and tradition with architecture that is fab and functional!