I'm Not Throwing my Daughter a First Birthday Party and Guess What? IT'S OKAY

Laura Dupuis

Thanks to Pinterest we are bombarded with phenomenal ideas for weddings/birthdays/lifestyle. However there is now a type of parent that has emerged; the Pinterest Parent. They are crafty af and somehow have the time to create elaborate activities and parties for their child(ren). Now thanks to these parents we’re also somehow all expected to have amazing blowouts for our kids.

Well, despite the pressure and expectations I’m not throwing a party for my daughter who turns one on February 1st and these are the reasons why (feel free to use them as your own reasons too).

  1. Space: We live in a basement suite so there is literally not space for everyone we would be expected to invite. My brother owns a B&B but it’s over an hour away and there’s no way I’m making our friends drive that far, and quite frankly I don’t want to go that far either.

  2. The mix of people: I love my family, truly I do. But I was raised Christian so things like swear words, tattoos or weird colored hair would be discussed (read judged) at a later date. As well, my brother can be a bit of a...strong headed jerk to put it nicely and I don’t want to subject my friends to that.

  3. Cost and stress: Solutions to my first reason come in various forms. From renting a hall, going out for dinner and everyone paying for themselves, or going up to my brother’s place those things all cost money. Plus decorations, favors (if I’m going all out), thank you’s etc it all adds up. Then having that many people all wanting to celebrate Violet in one place would be so much for her, let alone myself who is an introvert and prefer chill hangouts to large parties, it was just a lot to think about.

So instead, if my parents are around (they live about a 10hr drive away) then we’ll celebrate with them. But if not, either myself or my husband will make a small cake - which will not be for a cake smash, just not something I care to do - and we’ll take photos of Violet in a pretty dress with a party hat on.

I won’t get stressed out, there won’t be any family drama, and I won’t have to clear out my living room for a ton of people. As for gifts, we were going to specify no gifts anyway. She has plenty of hand-me-down clothes and toys so my plan was for people to give a card and if they wanted they could donate money to a children’s charity of their choice.

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