What You Need to Know to About Living in the Now

Lindsay Tennant

Right guys, the last time we spoke I asked you to start looking at all of the good things in your life. I asked you to do this in order to change your focus from all of the shit in your life to all of the good. Personally, I find this time of year very difficult as I mentioned in the last article, but this year has been so much better thanks mostly to the daily practices I have been implementing. I find myself being grateful for the days slowly getting longer and for all of the seemingly mundane little things that brighten my day like my morning coffee and my new-found obsession with Harry Potter (haha.)

So, let’s quickly recap for those of you that are just finding this article; EVERYTHING is made up of energy. You, me, the trees, your cat, the food you eat, the moon, the stars- EVERYTHING. We are all connected and we are able to change our energy and attract positivity into our lives by changing our energetic vibration. Yes, it sounds a bit out there- but believe me when I say that focusing on your energy can change your life.

This month I am going to explain to you something that has becoming clearer and clearer to me- the importance of living in the present moment. I am sure we have all heard of the term ‘mindfulness,’ but if you haven’t- it simply translates into becoming present in the now and finding a way to turn off the constant mental chatter in your mind.

We live in our heads. When we aren’t living in our heads, we are distracting ourselves from the thoughts in our heads. Our minds chats at us and to us all day long.  What we mostly hear it talk about is the past and the future. We are either worrying about what is going to happen next; how we will pay the bills, how we will lose weight, what will work be like tomorrow, how we will pay for our retirement etc. If we aren’t worrying about the future, we are berating ourselves or feeling miserable for what has happened in the past- why did we say what we said, why did we eat so much over Christmas, how terrible our ex-husband was… etc. We also tend to spend our time romanticizing the past and compare how shit our present is, or we fantasize about how amazing the future will be.

None of this is actually important in the NOW- in the present moment. We are making these issues become a part of the present moment when they don’t have to be. Why? Why can’t we focus on what is going on around us in the present? We are constantly wanting to be done with the present and focusing on hoping that the future will be better, but what we fail to realize is that the future will just become another present moment that we ignore whilst spending our time thinking about the future; it’s a vicious cycle.

It’s one that we need to actively work at stopping. So let’s talk about how we can start to shut our minds up and start focusing on the now. The first step that I find useful is to write down everything that is going through my mind. I mind dump it all onto paper- all of it- my worries, my fears, my to-do list. I let it flow out of me and feel my body get lighter as I get it all out. This isn’t the time to worry about grammar and neatness- just get it all out. I know this may seem counter-productive to shutting the mind up, but the more you suppress and resist your feelings, the more they will persist- get rid of them!

This is a practice that can be done over and over again. Anytime you are feeling overwhelmed and stressed- get it out! Then, and this is the important part- release it to the universe/ god/ whoever your higher power is. Feel it being released and out of you. Trust that the universe will handle your fears and worries and then focus your attention on the now. Go for a walk, meditate, do whatever you find helps you bring your attention to the now. Pay attention to our senses; what are you seeing? What do you hear? What can you touch or smell? Put your phone away and allow yourself to be present in the now. Surrender all your shit up to the universe and relax in the knowing that you will be taken care of.

What questions do you have for Lindsay? What do you do to live in the now?

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