Tom Hardy, Your Internet Boyfriend

Sarah Wiley

Hi, welcome to 2019 where every woman and man has a list of their favorite celebrities, typically those they’re attracted to.  And if you don’t, why you lyin’? Sometimes the number one spot changes, sometimes it remains the same for years. If your number one is anyone other than Tom Hardy, then allow me to help you to change your mind.  

Who the hell is Tom Hardy?

Hardy loves dogs.  The 41 year-old British actor adopts, visits shelters, and uses his Instagram account to make sure lots of pups at Battersea are rehomed.  His own pups are very much family members. His dog Woody (rest in peace) has even joined him at the premiere for his film, Legend.


He loves children.  Hardy is a father himself but will always take time out of his hectic work schedule to read to millions of children on BBC’s Cbeebies Bedtime Stories.  Since his first segment with Cbeebies Bedtime Stories in 2016, tons of other A-listers followed suit, including Chris Evan, Ewan McGregor, and Eddie Redmayne.  Even Dolly Parton jumped on the bandwagon. What started as a way for his children to see things of his outside of heavy dramas turned into a favorite five minute segment for both children and their moms… er, parents.


He’s a feminist.  Hardy is very vocal about not even giving a kickass completely female led film a second thought.  He’s been very adamant about Mad Max: Fury Road being led by actress Charlize Theron, even though he plays the title character most men go to see the film for.


He’s funny.  While he’s not one to come to mind when you think of the comedy genre, the way he delivers his lines can give you a good idea about his sense of humor.  Some good examples, if you need to do some research on your own, are Inception and This Means War.


Hardy is a man’s man.  If you need some eye candy, your hubs won’t turn down a Tom Hardy film.  Trust me on this. My recommendations for a date-night-in film are Warrior (2011), Mad Max: Fury Road (2015) or Legend (2015).  All have major eye candy but won’t have hubs second guessing why you picked one of those films. Pick Legend for double the eye candy, since he plays not one Kray twin, but both!


Hardy doesn’t take himself too seriously.  Myspace was the place to be before Facebook dominated the interwebs.  And Tom Hardy was all over that shiz. His MySpace photos are, to some, cringeworthy, but what makes them incredible is his attitude about them.  He has no shame and is not embarrassed by them.

“In my tighty-whitey budgie smugglers. In America, they say ‘you should be ashamed of this’ but I’m actually not remotely ashamed – that is me in my natural habitat, thank you,” he’s said in an interview with Sky News.

There’s that humor.


Hardy is friends with - are you ready for this?- Prince Harry.  An actual prince. It’s unknown how the pair became friends exactly, but Hardy is an ambassador for The Prince’s Trust, Prince Charles’ charity for disadvantaged youth.  The charity is something that’s been very close to Hardy’s heart considering he’s hit rock bottom when he was younger. Hardy and his wife, actress Charlotte Riley, were seen at Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding.  After an intense shooting schedule of 19 hour days, Hardy flew straight from the wrap of his newest film Fonzo to Harry’s wedding. Now that is friendship.


He’s a real-life superhero.  In 2017, the media has reported that Hardy chased down a moped stealing teenager, checked him for weapons, and waited for the authorities.  But Hardy has stated it wasn’t a chase. He did track the teenager down in order to get him some help. “He must stand accountable for what he’s done, but he’s got issues, and he’s in a bad way. Do we just give up on a sixteen-year-old?” Hardy tells Esquire in an interview.


The actor is a favorite among many across the globe, for a multitude of reasons.  He ain’t difficult to look at, either. I will warn you, if you go browsing Pinterest, you’ll be there all day and possibly forget to make dinner for the kids.  It’s a good thing most kids love cereal.