#ShopSmall Fancy Little Fox

Rebecca Lynn Craig

I am a mama to my two year old daughter, Marceline. She is sweet, sassy, and so badass-y. Not to gloat, but my husband and I have made our daughter our little fashionista. Since birth, we pretty much steered away from the typical “froofy” little girl clothing. We stuck with those closet basics but put them together in an edgy and creative way. Oftentimes, Marci is better dressed than I am and I find myself wanting more and more of her clothes... just in a much bigger size.

So, of course with my love of edgy, comfy, children’s fashion, I fell madly in love with Fancy Little Fox. All of their clothes are made with love and delicious fabrics that you will want for yourself. Brittany Hill of Fancy Little Fox started sewing in 2014 after seeing all the fashionable children’s clothes on Instagram (many with a high price tag). What began as a means to make fashionable clothes on her own for her own baby girl became a passion and birthed her handmade clothing company! Starting from the humble beginnings of one used sewing machine and Pinterest infinity scarf materials, it’s hard to not be inspired to see where Brittany and Fancy Little Fox are now.

Each piece has such an easy to wear feel, which is so important for our little rascals who are always on the move. With a retro feel influencing many of the pieces, everything fits so well right within these borders of super trendy and timeless. Bright colors, bold patterns, sweet styles and very obviously high quality work! And did I mention how everything is so affordable? For so many of us, we’d love to dress our babies like toddler Insta models but can’t afford to dish out the cash those high fashion pieces require, especially with growing children. Almost all of Fancy Little Fox’s pieces fall within the $25-$35 dollar range. And when you see this drool worthy apparel, I think you’ll find that price point absolutely doable.

So how do you take these darling pieces home?

Brittany says the best way to purchase is to search Fancy Little Fox on Facebook (it is a closed group, so you will need to submit a request to join the page) and go from there!

You can also check out their website, www.fancylittlefox.com and on Instagram, @fancylittlefox