'F$!k This' Columnist E. Tempesta Gives Their Recommended Reading

E. Tempesta

2018’s Best Books About Bodies – Melissa A. Fabello

In the course of researching my various New Year’s pieces I came across this list of books about bodies. The genres range from medical history to body hair to chronic illness to food culture, and every one of them looks worth more than the ten minutes I have set aside for free time in 2019. But one of them is by Great British Baking Show contestant Ruby Tandoh who EMERGENCY: I AM JUST LEARNING HAS LEFT TWITTER so I better go buy her book because I already miss her terribly.

Blessed Is The Fruit Of Thy Womb, Or Why I Ran Out On My Moon Mother Workshop – Aisling Walsh

As a doula who is also a queer and genderqueer person concerned with race and class, I am constantly finding myself in spaces and conversations that run the gamut from alienating (at best) to hostile (at worst). It was heartening to see someone acknowledging the “odor of TERF-ism” and racism that surrounds a lot of spaces dedicated to women’s experiences.

Buck Angel On What Every Trans Man Should Ask His Gynecologist – Buck Angel

Legendary adult filmmaker and activist Buck Angel’s short piece uses few words to say everything about how far the medical profession has to go towards providing adequate care to trans folks. Even as a nursing student trying painstakingly to make up for the massive trans health gaps in my education, I learned a lot from his brief medical memoir.

Twitter – Idris Elba

Idris Idris-ing at the Golden Globes (did y’all watch In The Long Run yet?).

Mollie Tibbetts’ mother opens home to child of immigrants who worked on farm with suspect in her killing – Terrence McCoy

The Chicago Tribune’s feature about a grieving white woman resisting an onslaught of racist narratives about her daughter’s death treads the line of a white-savior narrative. But what it did most powerfully to me was to depict the shy, cautious Mexican-American boy in her care, and make me wonder how it feels to him to live in her house. I don’t know exactly what I think about this piece, except that it’s worth reading.