About Those Annoying-Ass Car Seat Safety Posts and the Safety Police That Follow Them

Anne Walton

Okay, it’s annoying to see 50 million posts about why rear-facing is the best. I know. Or why your three-year-old doesn’t belong in a booster seat. Or why you should not let your kids wear coats in the car. I get it. You feel like your parenting is being attacked, or like you’re being told how much you suck for doing any of those things. I hear you. It does suck when you realize you’ve screwed something up and it could have had dire consequences.

It’s really hard to hear any sort of criticism to your parenting because we hear it allllll the time. Oh, you didn’t breastfeed? You just didn’t care enough. Oh, you didn’t cloth diaper? You must not care about the environment. BAH. There’s SO much judgement out there about parenting choices. I don’t care if you breastfeed or bottle feed. They’ll all be eating who knows what off the floor of the car soon enough. I don’t care if you cloth diaper, disposable diaper, or no diaper. You do you. But car seat safety is NOT a parenting choice. It’s just not. It’s a life or death choice. It’s a safety choice.

And it’s our job as parents to keep our kids as safe as we can while in our care. It is our job to ensure that the people caring for our children keep them as safe as possible while in their care. So, when I see pictures of your beautiful baby in a car seat with super loose straps, and a chest clip on their belly, and I tell you that it isn’t safe, please don’t think I’m saying you’re a bad parent. I’m not. I am trying to help you ensure your child is as safe as possible. And I would sincerely hope, that if you saw my kid like that, you’d say something too. It takes a village to keep these little humans alive and well. We shouldn’t have to do it all alone.

I know it’s annoying to see the same posts over and over, but try to use it as a reminder to make sure your littles are strapped in safely, and are in age appropriate seats. If not, ask for help. We can help one another out.