Is Positive Self-Talk Cheesy AF? It's Working for Me This Hellish Winter

The last time I wrote to you about manifesting a better life, I explained that the universe is made up of energy and that we need to tap into this energy to influence what shows up for us. (Here is the article so I don’t bore you with a recap.) I left you with the challenge of trying to change the dialogue in your head from the negative ego driven thoughts to a more positive dialogue where you think about how amazing you are and how to stop and love yourself.

I fully realise how difficult this is. Believe me, I just spent the last few weeks eating whatever I want and am now in the full fledged self punishment mode where I swear that I will never touch another grain of sugar and that I will walk miles every day – you know all the “new year, new me BULL SHIT.”

This is a fairly normal feeling that a lot of us experience at this time of year, but this year I am acutely aware of what this is doing to my energy and what feelings I am sending out to the universe; I am sending out energy of hating myself and feeling that I need to punish my body. This in turns leads me to feeling shit about everything, I can feel myself spiraling into the depression I find myself facing every January and February as the cold, damp, grayness of an English winter drags on incessantly as I count down the days until Spring.

NOT THIS YEAR. NOPE. I am seriously putting the brakes on my thoughts and forcing myself to love myself enough to realise that I don’t need to be punished, I need to be loved! I need to love myself enough to get enough sleep, fresh air, fruits and vegetables so that I can feel sane and happy enough to devote time to working on improving my energy (both on the physical and spiritual planes) and not devoting my time to crying in the corner whilst lamenting the complete lack of sunlight this country give me every winter!

SO please keep working at changing your dialogue. The challenge I will ask you to do is to notice all the good stuff that is happening all around you so that you start to change your focus on what’s already good in your life in order to manifest more good in your life. If you keep focusing on the shit (and believe me, I have more than enough shit in my life too! I get you) you will just keep getting more of it. I was instructed to do this a few months ago by the amazing Connie Trowbridge and it has become my automatic habit now.

Basically… you train yourself to look for good things- I mean start tiny here people- and then write them down. The writing them down allows you to make a conscious effort of really noticing how many little things can make you smile throughout the day. I, personally use my phone on a journaling app to keep track of it all. I just open my phone up and write down when something good happens and then move on with my day. This is my habit now; I spend all day realising how many little things are cool in my day or make me smile and then I quickly thank the universe for the little reminder that it’s got my back.

I’ll give you a quick example of my day:

*the kids are being kind to each other! Wow!  

*it is really warm today

*my friend just called me to come over

*I was able to video chat my husband uninterrupted!

*my mother in law is cooking dinner!


*my book is really good.

*the Christmas decorations are really pretty

You get the idea. It seems silly at first, but it really trains you to see all the good that happens daily that we miss out on by spending our time complaining or just seeing all the shittiness- and I don’t know about you, but I will really need all the help I can get to attract all the positivity and happiness the universe can send me while I’m freezing my ass off in January and February!