If Only I Could Make Sweet, Sweet Love to My SUV...my Ford Expedition Recommendation

Jessica Miller

I'm passionately in love with my SUV. So much so that when we upgraded vehicles this year I bought the exact same one. Fill up your coffee mug and let me share with you why I really dig my Ford Expedition.

It's will totally fit your family and a few strays! The number of kiddos I can haul around is the first thing I looked for when shopping for vehicles years ago. My model seats eight people comfortably which means I can spread everyone out. This was super amazing when we drove on an 18 hour road trip for Christmas vacation.

It has the electronic requirements your children think they need. Wireless charging, multiple USB ports, and even an old fashioned three prong electric outlet. Again, think of our delight when we plugged a power strip into that bad boy on our road trip and could simply plug in a game system. The features that come with the touchscreen help a mama out like you wouldn't believe. For example, forget old school navigation. Now when you're faced with merging into multiple lanes with traffic in a foreign city the screen will split to tell you exactly which lane you need to be in and a little bar will count down how long you have to get into said lane. Your cell phone uses Sync technology and everything is voice activated.

Another thing I dig is that anything going on with my phone is also visible on my dash panel above the steering wheel so I don't even have to look at the touchscreen. For example if I have an incoming call it will be displayed in both places and I can simply say "answer", use the buttons on my steering wheel or touch the screen to answer or decline. This works for text messages and email too! No worries with multiple phones either. The Expedition lets you choose which phone you want as your main phone while driving and will keep all data separate for all users.

It's pretty safe, for real! Too many airbags to list, blind spot monitoring, parking assist, multiple view backup cameras and sensors so great they alerted me that my garage door wasn't all the way up when I went to back out! High praise for the smart key with a teenager in the house, too. With that activated, when his key is used to drive, the vehicle will operate only at certain things that have been preset- like a maximum speed or music volume level just to name a couple.

Groovy comforts like the kids have heated seats and their own temperature controls to everyone having a cup holder. Oh, and let’s not forget the app that lets you check your gas level and even start it from your PHONE!

Yeah. It's pretty cool. The payments are pretty intense: a 2019 can set you back around $60k. For me, a mom who spends a lot of time in her vehicle, this is worth every penny. For so many reasons. And, their trade in value is great. I see myself driving a Ford Expedition for many more years to come!

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