As your postpartum doula, here are 8 things I really want you to know....

Postpartum doulas are slowly on the rise. Postpartum shifts are one of my favorite parts of being a doula. I love being invited into a family’s inner circle to help them adjust and thrive after bringing a new baby home. Every family is different in how they operate and what kind of support they need, but there are several things that seem to be true for everyone postpartum. So here’s what I wish I could tell all of my clients:

1. Everyone is scared to bring a new baby home.

I know it’s really overwhelming to bring a new baby home and figure out what your life looks like right now and how this new member fits into your family. You’re not alone; this is universal.

2. Yes, your baby will sleep through the night eventually.

For now, just take what you can get and don’t worry about that too much. And for goodness’ sake; if you have a postpartum doula, sleep while they’re there!

3. Feed your baby however you want to.

Seriously. I don’t care how you feed your baby, I just care that you feel supported while doing so.

4. You’re doing amazing.

No, really. I have never once been doing a postpartum shift and thought that the parents haven’t been doing an amazing job. You are the perfect parent for your baby.

5. Don’t feel weird asking your doula for things.

That is literally why I am there. Ask me to wash the bottles, throw those clothes in the dryer, or what my opinion is on your baby swing. I am here to help however I can, so don’t be shy!

6. A postpartum doula is a baby expert.

I know the tips and tricks to babies. I get paid enough to make waking up with your baby during the night worth it. Don’t feel bad - this is my job and I love it! Trust me.

7. Postpartum anxiety is a thing.

Postpartum anxiety doesn’t get talked about near enough, and it is still under diagnosed. If you are worried you might have it, let’s talk about that. Aside from my expertise as a postpartum doula, I’ve lived through postpartum anxiety myself. You don’t have to suffer; there are tons of things that can help. Let me support you through exploring those options.

8. This is the best job in the world.

Rocking your little one to sleep, seeing your eyes light up when I bring her to you in the morning, seeing you blossom into a confident parent - this job has so many amazing moments.