Manifest a better life by saying NO to drama

Lindsay Tennant

Hi! You may remember me from last month, when we talked about how everything is made of energy. And it is, according to most accounts! I am, you are, everything is. So what does this have to do with the fine art of refusing to be involved in other people’s drama? A LOT.

Okay, so if you recall, we also discussed the idea that the energy you put out is the energy that you will receive back to you. Like attracts like, the law of attraction, and all that business. So, imagine it this way: all of us are little walking energy fields, bumping into each other and interacting energetically. For this reason, when someone is putting out a ton of energy that is full of drama and negativity, I urge you to steer your energy ship in the other direction to circumnavigate that hit. Is that easier said than done? Yep! So let’s come up with a few ways to do this.

Firstly, have a think and see if the other person’s drama is actually important to you. Does what they are saying actually matter in your life? Say you want to unwind and you go online for a bit and you see that someone has posted something that makes you really mad. You have two choices. One: become a keyboard warrior, get your adrenaline going, and engage the other person in a debate. Two: move along to the next post of adorable animals in fuzzy  sweaters. IT IS YOUR CHOICE! Which choice is going to improve your evening, and which will ruin it? Whatever your answer, just remember: it is always a choice to engage or not. You are in control.

Our next example is a bit trickier. Let’s talk about real life. Remember the holidays? Put yourself back there for a moment. You are surrounded by family that may or may not share your belief system and may or may not be experts at winding you up. So Uncle Jack is sitting there droning on about how amazing Trump is and how immigrants are ruining everything: what do you do?

Have a think to yourself and evaluate if it is worth your energy to get into a debate. If you are going to get wound up and angry, then you are sending that crappy energy into the universe and you’ll get more crappy energy back. Do you really think that if you spend the next few hours arguing with Uncle Jack that he is suddenly going to change his mind? Nope. All you will have done is spent your precious time and energy getting angry. It is always your choice to engage or walk away; think about your energy field and how you would like it to be.

Drama is a choice. You can be passionate about things and still not get involved in other people’s drama. If you feel passionately that refugees are important members of society and deserve to be treated better, then put that passion to good use and donate money or time to a refugee charity. You can still post things online trying to educate people, but you can choose to ignore the negative comments because that is their opinion and their own crappy negative energy, and we don’t want any part of that.

OWN your energy. Always reach for the feeling that feels best. You are in control of your own energy, and you do not need to bump into other people’s crappy energy fields if you don’t want to. Love them, hope they see the light at some point—but I urge you to keep on sailing your energy ship into calmer waters, and be the example you want to inspire others to be.

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