Ladies and Gentleman (and friends beyond the binary) of the Class of '97: Have a Healthy New Year

Sarah Wiley

Every year, without fail, a majority of us add "lose weight" to our New Year’s Resolutions.  For your consideration, I have compiled a list of ways to have a more meaningful Happy New Year.

Cut out toxic people.  Cut out fake friends. Cut out negative people.  Minimize Facebook friends, it’s all about quality, not quantity.  Take supplements, see a therapist, practice more self-care, cut back on frivolous spending unless it’s book; you can’t have too many books.  Less screen time, more family.

Stop caring what others think. Stop dwelling, learn from it and stop being so critical of yourself.  The world does that for you enough.  No one enjoys their office job.  Do the work, then leave it behind when you go home. Play. Use the fine china. When your favorite band comes to town, buy tickets. Life is all about experiences.

Learn calligraphy and send letters more often.  Paint, even if you suck.  Be authentic, but also feel zero judgement when you feel a filter would look lovely. Take all the selfies. Buy yourself the damn flowers.  Drink the wine. Journal.  Wear the red lipstick; own it.  There’s nothing sexier than confidence with red lips.  Don't let anyone else determine your worth.

Learn to say “no”!  Be brave, be kind, unfriend your exes.  Be kind to strangers.  Drink more water. Go for walks, say hello to the neighbors. Get enough sleep, don’t eat until you hate yourself, have dance parties in the kitchen while you cook, buy the shoes, dye your hair and hold your head up high.  Try something new. Bake a cake from scratch. Be present. Speak up. Wear a cute pair of shorts when it's hot out. Be bold. This is your year and nothing is going to hold you back. Live fully and live loudly.

And most importantly, have a Happy New Year!