#ShopSmall ft. Broken Candle Co.

Rebecca Lynn Craig

As most of you know, Candor is not an enormous, mega-million dollar empire. We are parents. We are regular people. We go to work. We work from home. We care for our families, attempt to use the bathroom alone, and drink not-hot coffee on the reg: just like you. So, in honor of being “the little guy” that you support, we would love to share other small businesses with you that we would love to see supported this holiday season! This carefully curated group of artisans are individuals we at Candor are excited to share with you and we hope that you will keep them in mind as you shop for gifts for your family and friends during these next few weeks!

Broken Top Candle Company

Broken Top Candle Company was founded by Affton Coffelt and her father. What started as a small, in-house project has turned into a nationwide sensation with 35 remote representatives and where a team of 15 onsite employees still hand pour these delicious smelling works of art. Some of the amazing essential oil infused candles you can find have scents called Apple Maple Bourbon, Coffee with Cream, and for those longing for the warm summer days: Mint Mojito.

But it is wintertime, and for those who prefer their candle scents to echo the familiar smells of the season, check out their Botanical Collection which features aromas like Christmas Tree, Tumalo Cider and Cardamom Vanilla!

Completely vegan and created with pure soy wax which allows a longer burn time and diminishes the risk of air pollutants, Broken Top Candle Co. is no longer a hidden gem in the world of candles! In January 2019, Broken Top Candle Co. will be releasing an expanded line of additional self-care products, such as body lotion, liquid soap and linen spray!

Broken Top Candle Company can be found in over 500 independent retailers across the country, and for the second year in a row, they can also be found at HomeGoods stores near you. To purchase these amazing candles, find a nearby carrier location or to learn more, please head to their website!