The Ultimate New Year's Gift to Kids and Their Parents: a Perfect Party

Kadi McNair

It's time to celebrate the new year, and Lord knows that parents deserve a fun night out. But what about our littles? I'm totally not a people person, but I've always connected with kids and we seem to enjoy each other’s company. Therefore, I decided a few years back to begin hosting New Year's parties just for kids! We have a lot of fun and parents can get their much-needed break while their little loves are safe and sound having a good time.

To start our night out right, I serve dinner. You can bet it's full of kid-approved favorites from pizza bites to chicken nuggets. And don't forget the all-night dessert buffet, because this is a party, after all. I like to keep it simple with the usual. Oreo's, chocolate chip cookies, and cupcakes are always a hit.

Kidz Bop plays in the background while we make some special treats I found on Pinterest. For New Year’s 2017, we made a yummy cherry lemonade with sprinkles around the rim of our glasses. I also like to have a craft planned. Glitter slime is our favorite! It's festive, fun, and pretty easy.

Drinks in hand, we enjoy a few rounds of karaoke. This is probably my favorite part of the night. It gives the kiddos a chance to show off their voice and dance moves. Even the shyest of my guests usually participate.

By this time, it's getting late. Some of the kids are getting sleepy, so another round of snacks and desserts is passed around. Dirt and worm Jello cups are always fun!

Next is a round of games. I've always had luck with a simple game of dominos. We play it straight the first time, then the kids get to make up the rules. I usually offer a few prizes for the winners, like a chocolate bar or a new Slinky.

Because it's almost midnight by the time games are won, we turn on a timer and start our countdown. I always keep some hats and blowers on hand so that they can really celebrate the magical moment! While the clock counts down, I ask each kiddo about their New Year’s Resolution. They've always got some good ones.

Kids talk about these parties all year long. I feel like a celebrity when I am out and about and see a kiddo who attended one of my New Year's bashes. They always share their favorite memory with me. They even have some new ideas for our next party.

This is hands down my favorite way to ring in the new year.