Baby Names to Ring in 2019

Chelle Roman

We are so in love with the current trends in baby names: refreshes on names our grandparents would love, nicknames as legal names, names found in nature, classics making a comeback. In closing out 2018, Candor has made a list of names that are sure to be perfect for our soon-to-be-born 2019 babes. We’ve looked at what is trending now and will be fresh and fun without being annoying and outdated when these kids are growing up!

From one of this year’s favorite series, Sharp Objects, we have beautiful and timeless options for a baby girl:

Adora: Meaning “glory,” and sounding rather adorable, it also lends itself to awesome nicknames like Addy and Dori. It is simple and classic but not as common as it’s ‘cousins’ Adele and Addison.

Amma: Perfect for a daughter “born on a Saturday,” from its Ghanaian meaning. A nice refresh on the much loved Emma, for a timeless sound with a twist.

Camille: With a name this pretty who needs a nickname? But if you’re like me and love a good nickname, Camille would also make a perfect Cami or Millie (I’m looking at you miss Millie Bobby Brown). Or for another look, Camilla adds another syllable and a little more flair.

Looking at a literary and big-screen fave, A Wrinkle in Time gives us some oldies but goodies.

Wallace: I mean, Charles Wallace was such the perfect name for Meg Murray’s little brother. Wallace definitely has that “grandpa” feel to it, but has the charm and class needed to make for a perfect comeback for a son. Or go crazy and give the name to your baby girl a’la Wallis Simpson.

Meg: did you know Meg/Megan is also a version of Margaret? Margaret has so many awesome nicknames and is such a strong and versatile name for baby girl. Heck, you could even go the Peggy route and really bring it on back. Meg and Meggy do remind me of many a Catholic school girl of the 1990s. But is that even a bad thing? Bring. It. Back.

Calvin: Traditional, strong, perfect amount of masculinity without being aggressive. And a boy called Cal? I mean, stahp.

Lady Bird killed it this year (technically the end of 2017, but who’s counting?). I know, I know, again with the Catholic schoolgirl references. What can I say, you can take the girl out of Mass...

Saoirse: You could be bold and name that baby Lady. I’ve been partial ever since Penny Lane divulged her true moniker was Lady Goodman. But the name of the actor playing Lady Bird, Saoirse, is just gorgeous. Pronounced seer-shuh, it is an Irish name that is starting to rise on the charts.

The Haunting of Hill House has showcased names that breathe new life into names that time forgot.

Theo: I am so happy this is a thing. I’m usually not one for giving names to girls that are typically used for boys, but I just love this shortened version of Theodora. Also would be fab as a nickname for Theodosia, care of Hamilton.

Shirley: Definitely has potential! It’s cute and sweet and ready to be a thing again.

Hugh: It has all of the components needed for a great baby-boy name. It is recognizable but not overdone; short and sweet; strong and masculine without being harsh.  

Crain: Yeah, I still dig a good surname as a first name, so sue me. Crain also has that little nature-y appeal with the spelling Crane. From someone who also gave their child a name that belongs to a bird species, Crain/Crane has my seal of approval.

Can we talk Fantastic Beasts for a minute? I haven’t seen the newest one yet, so no spoilers, but I know our favorite characters are back in action.

Newt: A shortened version of Newton, it’s such a sweet name for a little boy. It has that “Huck Finn” feel to it that I just love. Boyish charm at its best.

Leta: I am all over these new old names, aren’t I? Leta is uncommon but simple at the same time. This name will grow so well from babyhood to adulthood.

Credence: Ok so I know the character is a bit complicated. But I can’t get the name out of my head. You could even pull a classic-rock vibe out and go with the spelling Creedence. And Creed would make a badass baby name as a nickname or otherwise.

Who can forget that a new Prince of Wales was born this year?

Louis: I predict a big surge in this traditional name. Pronounced Louie, it is regal while also being incredibly playful.

Lastly, I give you a bonus for those babies who will be born at the end of 2018, in honor of the new Nutcracker movie.

Clara: Yes, it has steadily risen in popularity over the last 15 years, and for good reason. Meaning “bright and clear,” any little ballerina would be lucky to have this name!, cromanComment