Some Meditative Words for Approach 2019

Rebecca Lynn Craig

2018 has been a long year. But here we are at the end of it.

Most of the holidays of this year are over. We’ve all traveled home or our family and friends have left our homes and gone back to theirs. But now we come to New Years. It’s a holiday full of resolutions. It’s a day that’s mixed with reflection, excitement, and anticipation. A new year is a clean slate. The next chapter. But you don’t get a clean slate without washing away what was there before. You don’t get to the next chapter without turning the page over the last one.

Today, let’s dedicate a few minutes together, looking back on 2018 and looking forward to 2019.

Looking back on 2018

Take a quiet 60 seconds, if you’re able, to focus on this video of a sunset.

Reflect on the past year. Reflect on the joy it brought. Reflect on the pain it brought. Reflect on the laughter. The tears. The people it brought into your life, and the people that left.

Look forward by letting go

“Let the past hold onto itself, and let the present move into the future.” -Douglas Adams, The Ultimate Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy

The best way for us to move forward is to let go. Think on what you just reflected on during the video above. Will you feel lighter or freer leaving much of that in 2018 as you move forward into 2019? Leave what you can. Expectations you maybe made for yourself but didn’t quite reach. Hurtful words that were said to you. Hurtful words you said. Heartache. Disappointment. Leave behind the 2018 you. Come into 2019 fresh and new. As my favorite Anne said, “Tomorrow is a new day, with no mistakes in it.”

Anticipating 2019

Take another quiet minute, if you can, to focus on this video of a sunrise.

Think of this coming year. The important dates it already holds. The excitement you hold for this new year. Any fear you may feel about the unknowns.

Looking forward with hope

“Hope is the embrace of the unknown.” Rebecca Solnit

2019 is an unknown. With scientific and political projections, history repeating itself in frightening ways, the future sometimes seems certain and that certainty ranges from unnerving to terrifying. But we can find hope in the unknown. We can take hold of that hope and mold our future. For ourselves. For our families. For our world. The beauty of a new year is that it’s new. We can make this year what we want it to be. What we need it to be. We can put hope in ourselves, in humanity, in goodness, in our determination to make this next year more, so much more, than last year. More than the year before that.

Look forward with hope. Set intentions. Dream big dreams.

This can be your year.

This will be your year.

Let’s shake the dust of 2018 off of our boots and walk into 2019 ready to take it by storm.