What Your Harry Potter House Tells You About Your Personality

Heather Horrell

Chances are that you know your Myers-Briggs personality type. It’s a fun test that confirms what we think about ourselves. Everyone knows it’s fluff, but nonetheless, it’s so fun to be like, “I’m an INFP” (I really am, by the way.) But, I think there may be an even better personality test that gives a person so much more information. Your house. Your Hogwarts house.

We can gather a ton of info based on your Hogwarts house. Like, are you a friend for life or a ride or die kind of a person? Would you set off fireworks to make a statement or would you send an anonymous letter to your boss to get your point across? Here are some other characteristics your Hogwarts house might be able to tell us:

Your motivations

Your values

Your house can predict what you’d do in certain situations

We can see how you interact with people

It shows us how you react to adversity

We can see your sense of humor

Your fears

It can show us your goals

Your favorite things

Lastly, it’ll tell us how much of a Potterhead you are

Tell us in the comments: what House do you belong to?