Your Home May Not Look Like A Feature On Fixer Upper (And That’s Okay)

The furniture in my home must all pull double duty - it moonlights as playground equipment.  And honestly, I’m okay with it. I wasn’t always. Trust me, I have multiple Pinterest boards dedicated to perfect looking bathrooms, kitchens, play rooms, and master bedrooms.  Scrolling through Instagram, I tend to feel a bit envious when Karen posts a perfect photo of her living room. Everything is matchy-matchy and color coordinated. She has three kids as well, why does she get away with white couches and flawless coffee tables?  My kids would most likely kill themselves on a coffee table and until then, they’d mark the hell out of it. My kitchen table, which once was pristine and very much from a magazine, is now covered in dents from my littlest having fun with the butt of his fork.

The only pieces of furniture that we’ve purchased ourselves are our queen sized bed, which really needs to be upgraded to a king now that we’re a family of five and no one can sleep alone, and the love seat which we got with a full sized couch that’s already been tossed to the curb after heavy usage.  The love seat itself is on it’s last leg, the fabric worn thin from many evenings of Netflix binge sessions and living room slumber parties. We just strategically drape a blanket over it when guests pop by.

Does having a full room of matching furniture mean you have your shit together?  I doubt it. We’re all a hot mess, any way you cut it. Some are just better at hiding it underneath their Ethan Allen exterior.  At the end of the day, my kids know this is home. They feel comfortable here, and loved, and momma isn’t high strung, worried about her white couches getting soiled.  So until I can afford to make my Pinterest dreams come true, I’ll be okay with what we’ve got going on. It works for us, and it’s home.

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