You Can Tag Your Offended Relatives in this "Happy Holidays" Article, It's Pretty Polite

Lindsay Tennant

I really don’t understand the drama about wishing each other “Happy Holidays.” For curiosity’s sake (and because I chose to write this article) I had a look to see just how many other holidays take place between November through to January.

Well let me tell you—there’s a lot.

From my quick and lazy Wikipedia search, I found at least sixteen holidays that will be taking place from the first of November through to January. Let me list them for you:

Day of the Dead
Guy Fawke’s Night (hey, I’m half British now so it counts…)
Armistice Day/Veteran’s Day
Bodhi Day
Boxing Day
Pancha Ganapati
Winter Solstice
New Year’s Eve
New Year’s Day
Chinese New Year

Not to mention all of the different saints’ days and other Christian things going on in the Advent season.

Right, so let’s all have a look and see that there are many holidays happening for many people around you at this time of year. If someone is wishing you a “happy holiday” then they are spreading the love and telling you that they hope you enjoy whatever day you might be celebrating. What’s the issue here?

I think the issue is that for some reason people think that their holiday (in most cases, let’s be honest, Christmas) is the most important holiday. Frankly, I find that a bit ignorant at best, and at worst it’s downright rude. I have to say that I have never been wished anything other than “Merry/Happy Christmas” or “Happy Holidays” in my life. No one has ever randomly wished me a Happy Kwanzaa or Happy Diwali, I assume because other cultures do not go around forcing their customs on other people. So why do we feel it’s okay to do this with Christmas?

We live in countries that have many different cultures and customs—and that’s what makes them great! Celebrating a holiday is fun and important. Let people celebrate whatever they want to celebrate and receive your “Happy Holidays” with a smile. Just fill the holidays part in with whatever one you’re celebrating and move on. Life is meant to be fun and filled with love- so please embrace and accept everyone having fun and loving their holidays—whichever one they choose!

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