A DIY Holiday Tarot Spread


Editor’s Note: This spread will be most helpful if you pull out your own deck and use it as you read. If you don’t have a deck of your own, try downloading an app like the Golden Thread. -br

This is one my favorite times of year. But even for people that love it, there can be lots of logistics, personalities, and history to manage cautiously. With that in mind, I created The Holiday Tree tarot spread. It will help you figure out what you want, how to get it, and put that star on the top of your holiday tree with as little stress as possible. Pull your cards and see what they mean to you.

  1. The Hurdle: This is the drama, the toxic relative, the history, the ONE toy on the list that your kid really wants that is sold out everywhere. It is whatever you are navigating this holiday season.

  2. Conscious Desire: This is what you know you want, whether it is for someone else to do the dishes, your mother-in-law to not comment on your parenting choices, or your partner to do all the wrapping.

  3. Unconscious Desires: You didn’t know you wanted this, but you do ,and it will make life easier. Is it a surprise coffee? That ugly ornament to go missing? An unexpected day of downtime to relax in the tub?

  4. What You Can Change: These are the things you can accomplish. The things you have control over and can make happen. You control you.

  5. What You Can’t Change: And these are the things you can’t change. You have no control over any of this, so don’t stress too much, take a deep breath and focus on other things.

  6. Who You Can Depend On: This is your person, your ride or die, your middle of the night support, your laugh-until-you-cry and cry-until-you-laugh person. When it goes down (and eventually it will) this person will be in your corner. It might not be who you assume!

  7. Who You Can’t Depend On: This is the person that flakes out, that gossips behind your back, that is there for the party but gone when times are tough. Remember that this person may be amazing, but isn’t there for the important bits.

The One Thing: I have a million things going on, you have a million things going on, you just got seven more things to remember for your overloaded brain, and we both know that keeping them all in your head when the cat knocked over the tree and 49,000 ornaments shattered is not going to happen. If you’ve got space for one thing, let it be this thing.

Did any of these cards really stick out to you? Let us know in the comments below.

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