The Apps that Changed Our Lives (4,000% Guarantee They'll Change Yours Too)

Brooke Duke

How did we ever survive without smartphones? From calendars to reminders to Facebook and Amazon Prime, they’re a busy parent’s best friend. We’ve collected this list of our favorite useful apps for parents trying to juggle everything. And most of them are free!

Happy Couple
Get to know your partner better with this fun quiz app for couples. Every day get a new set of questions and try to predict how your partner will answer. Earn points, get relationship tips and challenges, and use the questions to spark conversations.

Google Keep Notes
Write a quick note. Include pictures, voice, a checklist, whatever you want. It’s straightforward and easy to use. You can also set reminders, and it’s all saved and synced with your Google account.


Gone are the days of printing photos and putting them in albums. And baby books? Who does that anymore? Qeepsake is a digital baby book that you can add to via an app or text. Add pictures, quotes, memories - you can even get it printed into an actual book if that’s your thing. Manage multiple children’s accounts or just one. It does cost, but there are several different plan options, including a free one.

Use the Grammarly keyboard and never worry about typos ever again. In addition to checking your spelling and looking for typos, Grammarly also checks for common grammar mistakes. Take the stress out of responding to that work email when you’re half awake.


Have you ever wanted to learn a new language but didn’t have the time? Duolingo makes learning a new language easy and free. Simply choose the real (or fictional—fancy a little Klingon?) language you want to study, and start going through the lessons at your own pace. It can even send you a daily study reminder notification so you never forget.


Use your library card to download ebooks and audiobooks right to your device. Keep them for around two weeks, and they automatically are returned to the library you “lent” them from. Because you are not actually buying the books, it’s all free!

Do you suffer from anxiety or depression? Wysa is like having a therapist in your pocket. Simply start a conversation with the AI and it will guide you through different things you can do to help with how you’re feeling. From yoga poses to give you a burst of energy, a gratitude list, guided meditations, and CBT to reframe your negative thoughts, it has almost everything. It can also send you weekly progress reports to track your energy levels and emotions.


Baby Tracker
This app was everything when I had a newborn. Track diaper changes (dirty, wet, or mixed), feedings, pumping sessions, baby sleep, and more. For nursing, you can track which side and how long so you know which side to start on for the next feeding.

NS Wallet
Never lose another password again. NS Wallet stores all your passwords for you, along with usernames, accounts, security questions, etc. It can even generate super secure passwords for you instead of having to come up with one yourself. Organize them all by folders and subfolders to find exactly what you need quickly. Just set and remember one master password to get into the system, and everything is stored in one place for you.

Waze is the best map app out there. It gives second by second info on road closures and traffic and can adjust your route mid-drive. You can even use it for everyday errands, to make sure there isn’t a shorter route based on traffic time.


This free app tracks your caloric intake (including nutrients, food groups, water consumption, etc.), and uses your profile information to provide food goals and tracks your exercise. Just about any food you can imagine is in their database. You can also upload recipes from online to find out their values or scan the barcode of any store-bought item.

Music is life. Spotify makes it easy and free. Set up playlists, save your favorite songs, and Spotify will even recommend new music based on your preferences. Stream live or download songs to listen to later (download with paid subscription only).

Sleep Cycle
If you struggle to wake up no matter when the alarm is set, Sleep Cycle is for you. Set the alarm and the wakeup period (30 minutes is recommended), then sleep with your phone face down on the bed next to you. Sleep Cycle tracks your sleep and wakes you up whenever you are in the lightest sleep in the time period you set the alarm for. It also shows you detailed sleep reports.

Mango Health
Get reminders to take your meds, your kids meds, to drink water, to journal your feelings and track your steps. It also warns you if any of your meds may have any interactions, and as a cherry on top, you earn points as you keep track of things. You can use those to enter sweepstakes and all sorts of other things.


Google Calendar
I would be lost without my calendar. And Google Calendar just makes everything easier. I can enter events under whichever email address I want (work events = work email), I can color code them based on whether it’s for me, work, my daughter, etc., and I can even invite other people. It does everything, and it’s the only way I stay even a little organized.

Are you even a person these days if you don’t shop on Amazon from time to time? Where would we be without the ability to order diapers with one click because we didn’t feel like leaving the house and there’s only one diaper left?

Google Photos
Backup all seven million photos of your kids face so you can delete them from your phone without losing them. Organize them into different folders, create slideshows, gifs, videos, and more. If it has to do with photos, this app can do it.

Out of Milk
Take your grocery list and digitize it - include quantities, save prices, scan barcodes, and save your most frequently purchased items so they’re easy to find next time.


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