#ShopSmall Featuring The Kindly Woodsman

As most of you know, Candor is not an enormous, mega-million dollar empire. We are parents. We are regular people. We go to work. We work from home. We care for our families, attempt to use the bathroom alone, and drink not-hot coffee on the reg: just like you. So, in honor of being “the little guy” that you support, we would love to share other small businesses with you that we would love to see supported this holiday season! This carefully curated group of artisans are individuals we at Candor are excited to share with you and we hope that you will keep them in mind as you shop for gifts for your family and friends during these next few weeks!

I’ve noticed something in kitchen trends lately. No matter how modern a kitchen is, there always seems to be at least one homey feature. People still crave some timelessness. Some warmth. Amidst all the minimalist china and the silver spoons, we find wood playing that role. The nostalgic, rustic, wooden spoons that remind us of grandma’s house, holidays growing up, our first picnic play sets. We are drawn to those simpler-seeming times and the pieces that remind us of them.

The Kindly Woodsman makes such treasures. Brought to life by Eddan Sparks, handcrafted with locally foraged and reclaimed wood, you will find quality, handmade home-goods such as spoons, boxes, cutting boards, coasters, ornaments and more. Every piece is made with careful and expert craftsmanship in a small woodshop.

Whether you’re looking for a unique nativity set for your own home, a holiday gift for your loved one, or a statement cutting board or spoon to enliven your culinary efforts, consider The Kindly Woodsman. Polished or rustic, there is something for everyone here! To browse or purchase, please check out their social media presence (orders through instagram DM):

IG: @kindlywoodsman
FB: www.facebook.com/kindlywoodsman1