The #1 Most Important Advice for the Stubborn AF Potty Trainer

Out of all of the common things parents go through with their kids, potty training seems to be the most enigmatic of them all. You see parents all of the time on online forums asking for advice and answers to this seemingly unsolvable problem, and I’m here to tell you the only truth: there are really no magical solutions. Sure, there are things that can be helpful, depending on the child; but really, each potty training adventure is unique and different.

My first (and maybe really only) piece of advice is this: just roll with the punches. Some kids fall into potty training with ease, others simply raise their metaphorical (or literal!) middle finger at you with unmatched ferocity. It doesn’t matter that they are old enough and, for all intents and purposes, biologically ready. They don’t give a rat’s ass that there are Fruit Loops in the toilet for them to aim at, or that they will be rewarded with a sucker upon completion of a successful poop in the big potty. They are simply not gonna.

Continue to praise them with an enthusiasm like none other when they do go in the potty, but refrain from frustration when they do not. Save your energy. In my experience, negative responses when they fail with this do more harm than good. On the other hand, an “oh my goodness, I’m soooo proud of you!” when they are successful seems to really propel them forward along the potty training path.

Some kids are ready earlier than other kids. That’s okay. It is not, I repeat, NOT a reflection of your parenting capabilities.  Some prefer a portable mini potty, others would rather sit on the grown up potty. If you try something, and it doesn’t work, try a different route. Just because it worked with Susie’s child, does not mean it will work for yours. Accept that each journey is varied and sometimes infuriatingly long.

At the end of the day, just remember to ride the potty training roller coaster with calm. Eventually they WILL successfully complete their training, and all of the horrors that came along with it will be a distant memory.