#ShopSmall featuring Flora and Fauuna

Editor’s note: Candor knows parents aren’t just child-wranglers. In our #shopsmall series, we feature small businesses owned and run by parents. We hope you’ll feel inspired by their work and maybe even moved to support them with a purchase! -et

This swoony, spooky jewelry has made its way to the top of my wish list!

The artist responsible for these beauties is Keely Wake of Flora & Fauuna. Keely is a silversmith, an artist and a mother to three boys. Worked in silver, brass, copper, and a variety of semi-precious stones, her jewelry designs vary from delicate and ethereal, to wild and eye-catching. Each personal talisman and bespoke item is unique, handcrafted and created with spiritual intention.

Keely has been working with jewelry in different mediums for the past decade, and has made a career of it for the past four years. Her skill and dedication to her craft shines through her work, and any piece would make a beautiful and thoughtful gift to your loved ones, or yourself, this holiday season.

If you would like more information about Flora & Fauuna, or want to bring one of these breathtaking talismans home, check out the links below!

WWW: www.floraandfauuna.com
FB: www.facebook.com/floraandfauuna