Top Songs for the Womxn Who Really Really Wanna Zigazig Ha

Bethany Roach

Listen, I love making playlists. I’ve been doing it since I had a little, yellow Walkman and I’d fall in love with a BOI I knew. I’d listen to the radio and press record as soon as a “good” song for this dude popped on. I’d swoon as I walked down to the lake a few blocks away and I would listen to my awkwardly chopped up playlist as I stared into the water. It turns out it’s much easier now with streaming services in 2018, only my playlists are #NotAllForMen anymore. I’m a raging feminist and I make playlists for the ladiez. Though not comprehensive and not my most raging, bra-burning list, it’s one that is getting me through these dark days. Please enjoy the playlist directly below and some commentary directly below that, QUEEMS.