10 Celebrity Moms I Aspire to Be

Top 10 Celeb Moms I Aspire to Be

10. Jessica Biel. She’s a killer actress and a rockin’ mom to Silas. Also, has she even aged?!

9. Blake Lively. Her parenting skills and wit keep me coming back for more. And more.

8. Gwen Stefani. She’s been killing it for years and mommin’ since ’06. Her confidence makes me  jealous!

7. Kylie Jenner. Hear me out. I know this family is constantly brought up, but Kylie kept her pregnancy a secret the entire time. In today’s world!! Then she released a super cute video of her story leading up to Stomi’s birth, and it is so well done. Cue my heart melting, just thinking about it.

6.  Jennifer Garner. Her love for chickens and her human children draw me in every time she is interviewed. She just seems so sweet and down to Earth.

5. Serena Williams. She can play a mean game of tennis and then go home and snuggle her little girl after. She always looks gorgeous. I mean, what can’t she do?!

4. P!nk. Watching how she is raising Willow and Jameson to take no shit and be who they want is so inspiring as a mom. I never want my kids to feel like I’m holding them back from being who they want. And you know P!nk’s kids are not feeling that from her at all.

3. Kristen Bell. She’s so real about being a mom. She’s not afraid to tell you of all the crappy things about parenting and how they totally don’t matter because you still love this mass of mess no matter what.

2. Chrissy Teigen. She does not care what you think about her posts and, if you say something negative, be ready for a snappy comeback. She will come for you if you say something about her kids or her relationship. A true Mama Bear!

1. Hoda Kotb. Probably not a traditional number one for these types of lists, but watching Hoda go through this process of becoming a mom was so amazing and inspiring. It proved, once again, that a mother’s love knows no bounds or age. I’m sure she got a lot of hate, but watching her hold Haley on the Today Show was a tear-jerker.