5 Ways to Make New Mom Friends

Sometimes mom life can be so isolating. Especially if you stay at home with your kids and don’t have the social interaction of a job to go to every day. You love staying at home with your children. You wouldn’t trade this job for anything. But you are just so lonely. I see you. I’ve been there. You are SO not alone. Let me help you with these tried and true ways to make mom friends.

Facebook groups
I’ve met some of my best mom friends through local Facebook groups! Just search for groups for moms or parents that are in your area, join, and start talking to people. A lot of groups have regular in-person meetups that you can go to with or without kids.

The friend of your friend is your friend
Ask your friends to hook you up! Tell them you’re looking for more mom friends and ask if they know anyone that you’d get along well with. Your friends chose you, so obviously they have great taste in people!

This is an app designed specifically for meeting mom friends in real life. It’s fun and easy to use. Just upload a picture, fill in a little bit of info about yourself, including what town you live in, and start getting matched up. Swipe up to wave at another mom, swipe down to keep looking. It’s like Tinder for mom friends.

Your local library
Most of the time your local library will have lots of kid-friendly activities like story time, craft days, parenting groups, etc. Go join in the fun and start talking to the other moms - you never know who you might meet!

Other kid classes/activities
Is your kid in karate? Gymnastics? Music? Take a few minutes and start chatting with some of the other moms also trapped waiting. It sure beats waiting alone.

One of the hardest parts of making new mom friends is putting yourself out there. But I promise you, every mom secretly wants more mom friends. We can never have enough people to talk to about this crazy thing called parenting, and it’s even better when they can say, “Me too.”

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