November Horoscope: Love? Money? Career Excitement?

New Moon in Scorpio – November 7

We’ve got a lot of emotions wrapped up in this new moon, and it’s a good thing. Spend some time writing out your goals, with pen and paper, and make a plan to achieve them. Spend the 6th through the 8th getting everything together to manifest whatever you put on that paper. After you’ve got that done, tell your ego to simmer itself on down, so your sensitive and compassionate side can bloom. If there’s a person in your life that feels like you’ve wronged them, it’s time to say sorry so you all can grow from it. Shallow, superficial relationships will be very unsatisfying this month, so decide whether you want to deepen these or let them go. Single folks may have luck meeting someone who’s really in tune with their emotions all this month through the first week of December, and that may be good for you!

Full Moon in Gemini – November 23
This moon brings you a fluid sense of “you” this month. We’re always evolving or changing, but this Gemini moon makes your sense of self especially elastic. Embrace spontaneity! Don’t be surprised if you feel the need to find yourself again, or at least carve a new facet of yourself.  Expect a lot of change in how you feel towards things like your aesthetic, your partner, your career, or even your dreams and life goals. Try something (or things) that you’ve always had an interest in, but held back on doing for whatever reason. You just may love it!
Side note: you’ll be able to see this moon Thanksgiving night, so go check it out after dinner!


Aries, you’re in for a good health month, and great money month! Venus shows that now is a great time to focus on moving your career a step forward. If you start having romantic troubles, try taking a trip somewhere new with your honey. Spend some time working out your issues, and the rest of it just enjoying each other’s company.  You may feel conflicted about spending your time this way; take the leap anyway. The excitement will be worth it!


You may have health troubles this month, Taurus, and you can help this by focusing on what you put into your body. Make sure everything you take in is both clean and beneficial for you! While we all love Thanksgiving and all the bounties it brings, this is not the month to put junk into your body. Passion will be entering your love life as Venus finishes up it’s retrograde, and all the hesitation you’ve had in your romantic life will sort itself out then. Financially, this is a good month to sort out your debts in whatever way you find is best.


Single Gemini- ever considered a sugar daddy? This month is THE month to go for it, really! Your love, financial, and health lives are very closely intertwined this month, so make sure you choose someone that you connect with on all levels. The person that you’re with is going to have a great impact on all facets of your life this November! Your career is also looking promising, and you should turn your focus to your hustle during the beginning weeks of the month for your best chances of success.


If you’ve been wanting to have some fun with your job lately, Pluto is here to back you up this month. Let your crafty side shine! Your clients and customers will really notice and appreciate the work you put into it. If that’s not possible, keep on keeping on.. new job prospects will make themselves known within the next year or so. Finances may take some finagling and finesse, but with that same creativity you wanna use at work, you can make THIS work. This month is looking GREAT for your health, so use it to spend some quality time with your close family. Your spouse will respond in kind. ♥


Hard work and marketing mixed with absolutely FANTASTIC planetary influences will help your career bloom this month. However, take caution, Leo-- if you don’t rest & relax, it WILL take a toll on your health. Keep working towards those goals you’ve been seeing progress with re: your home, family, and emotional wellness; they are laying the groundwork for something big coming up. Your love life is showing lots of bright red passion, along with a resolution to a long-standing issue between the two of you, so enjoy your partner to the max this month. You deserve it!


Hit up some old friends and professional contacts this month, Virgo. Someone in that group is going to help you fill out your bank account a little better. Things with your partner may be stressful, however, and you may need to take it easier on yourself this month, both with your love life and with your health. Take some time to put your feet up and relax. With all of this going on, your focus will be limited, but do your best anyway, as things will calm down as the month wraps up.


It’s a great month to be a Libra! Everything is coming up aces. Your health is top-notch. Love life? Sensual and sweet. With support from your partner, your finances will be in much better shape than normal. Career wise, you’re likely to spend more time boosting someone else’s career than your own, but trust us, it’s going to be SO worth it. You may be seeking new knowledge and asking questions that you can’t find the answers to this month. While that can be frustrating, hold tight. They will come to you.


Confidence is what’s going to shine for you this November, Scorpio! You’ve got a lot going on this month, but in a “boring” way-- life will become more predictable after the first week. A promotion or some other step up in your career is waiting right around the corner. Take the necessary steps to secure it! Your partner will support you by helping you out with your financial growth, and your relationship prospects in general are looking absolutely divine.


If you’re looking for a new job this month, Sag, the stars are literally aligning for you. Something great is coming up this month, and you should take it! Money is looking very promising and you’ll find ways to earn it in very unexpected places. In your love life, you may have a tiff or two with your spouse, but nothing world ending. During the last week of the month, you’ll find your emotions and relationships will take center stage, and things with your partner will be smooth once again.


Focus on your kids this month and everything else will fall into place, Capricorn. Without conscious effort this month, it’s going to be easy to let your family fall to the back burner, but as long as you keep them in the forefront of your mind this month, the rest of your life will work itself out. Professional growth will be minimal this month, despite your hard work, but during the last week, look forward to your finances picking up. Health-wise, it’s not looking like you’re going to have any new problems coming up, so enjoy the cool weather this month at a park if you get the chance!


Aquarius, your professional life is looking GREAT in terms of growth this month. You’re likely to reach a new high with the help of Pluto! Neptune will be pitching in to assist with your finances, and your health will be the best it can be all month long. Your partner will be the dominating force in your relationship this month. They’ll be more proactive in all sorts of facets, which will give you a chance to relax. However, keep your communication skills sharp, because they may be lacking in that department over the course of November.


Do it for the ‘Gram, Pisces-- social networking is a MUST for your career this month. Don’t be afraid to reach out for help from family and colleagues. But, you do need to slow down, in terms of your health, and while you’re going to be wrapped up in making sure your networking is on point, don’t forget to make sure your partner feels as appreciated as they normally do. Otherwise, your relationship is likely to be absolutely riddled with issues.

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