Racism, Refugees: an Official Statement

Dear Readers,

I thought that the next time I would be writing an editor’s letter would be for our upcoming December calendar. However, this article by Washington post and a conversation involving Candor contributors prompted swift action. Though our publication is still in its infancy, I felt it would be best to write today about our stance on racism and refugees so that Candor can continue to grow in the healthiest way. I don’t feel that I’m the most appropriate person as a white woman with many unearned advantages to speak on the issue of racism in a very nuanced way. However, I can say that I will take steps every day to dismantle hate and bring light to serious human rights issues.

Some of Candor’s past contributors have spoken out against parents who seek asylum and refuge in the United States. This is not what I stand for and this is not what Candor stands for. It has made me realize that I have to be a stronger leader and that I have to be more aggressive with making sure Candor’s voice is loud, clear, and effective. Here are the action steps I will take so that we (I) can do better:

-All articles written by those expressing opinions that do not reflect the values of Candor will be removed by the end of this day, November 26th, 2018.

-I am committed to working with those who have offered help in creating a social media policy to prevent those who represent Candor from being able to misrepresent its values. I am committed to having this policy as well as a clear statement of values in place by December 31st, 2018.

-Candor is not doing enough to share the views of marginalized people. As the editor in Chief (okay let’s get real guys this is just my freakin’ baby) of Candor magazine, I want to acknowledge my own limitations in my awareness of how to fix this. As such, I am personally committing to reaching out to people I trust who can help us to become more diverse with integrity.

My heart goes out families who are seeking refuge in the United States, especially since they are largely and unfairly treated as criminals by rich, white Americans. I want to commit a portion of any income generated by the magazine for the remainder of the year to Canopy NWA and other organizations that are doing good work to support humans in crisis. I encourage you to find your local organizations that assist refugees, and ask that we all work together to help them find safety and comfort.

Thank you for being a part of this dream,


social-justiceBethany Roach