20 Hilarious Parenting Tweets

written by Melissa Nauss

Parenthood, am I doing it right?

I ask myself this all the time and enjoy commiserating with my comrades when Cohen cut his hair, or Hayden overflowed the toilet again, or guess what Joey did? While one-upping can be annoying at any other time in parenting life, I find solidarity in the hilarious moments we each face. Guess what friend, you are doing it right!

1. Glitter is the new black, so they say

2. Hey, we can all use a little blessing from time to time

3. When nature calls

4. Kinda like when you “borrow” from your kid’s piggybank – I’ll pay ya back, kid, I promise

5. Next you can teach her about birth control, women’s rights, and sexual education

6. Or watched them play Fortnite…

7. It’s a-okay with me! I love my little assholes

8. Congratulations! Your toddler’s new favorite word! He will definitely share that one with grandma

9. Mom Tip: Fake a stomach bug and give dad duty while you take a relaxing bath and read for fun

10. Amen!

11. If only that worked with cookies and snack cakes!

12. #ParentArmor – you should Kickstart that shit! It would fly off the shelves…

13. The things parenting books leave out

14. Parenting, you’re doing it right!

15. My other favorite is “no”

16. #BoyMoms – When they’re not touching it, they’re talking about it…

17. Rub a little breast milk in there, you’ll be okay!

18. I don’t know whether I’m more impressed that they did it or that they miraculously fit every dish in the sink into the dishwasher

19. When you get the answer, let me know

20. And last but not least, just in time for the holidays….