A Moment Apart

written by Lindsay McNamara

Gloss and ink reach out to touch
Like magnets meeting across the sky's horizon
A sliver of disconnect pregnant with longing
Memories surface, pierce and bleed warmth
Spread across my weary, aching sternum
Stippled red leaves crunch beneath rubber or else
Skitter away to the edges of the rippling murky asphalt
Faded and wrinkled with age, well traveled and familiar
Along my peripheral dim embers of dying match heads prickle
Life beyond the verge
Downcast glows, two wide orbs, focus dead ahead
Whispers of details yet to be seen, unfolding in blurs
Dull thudding reverberates through the seat, the pedal, the air
It gyrates my life force and fuels my blood
Irrelevant words, nostalgia entangled with a somber harmony
My voice resonates into the void of this flimsy box
Happiness visits from days gone by and ghosts away as thinly
The end rolls close, welcomes await
Impatient sticky hands reach, surprised eyes smiling hello again
Life within connection