A Day In The Life Of Candor: Lead Writer Edition

written by Rebecca Craig

If you know me, you know I'm a talker and I always have been. But when I was younger, writing was a much more organized, romantic way for me to get my thoughts out. Especially in my angsty teen years, writing poetry helped me through my depression. Short stories allowed me to create worlds where I wasn't so lonely. Writing song lyrics helped me through unrequited love. Spoken word channeled all my anger and helped me heal from my relationship with my ex.

As I came into my adulthood, I didn't have an overwhelming need to write anymore. Writing, for me, was always to blow off steam. And here I was, happily married, mama to my Marceline, and I felt I didn't need to scream out into the void like I used to. But when Candor came around, so did writing. She was still that familiar friend, but like me, she had grown up. I didn't need to reach out to her anymore to rail and rage. This time, I could write to inspire. I could write to communicate. I could write to say, "hey, you aren't alone." It wasn't any less beautiful than the purpose writing had served when I was a kid. My words still held power. The difference was, now instead of a notebook who held all my words just for me, I get to share my words with all of you. And it's a fucking honor.

A Day In The Life:

Because 30 year old Rebecca is different than 15 year old Rebecca, what I write and HOW I write is vastly different!
Reason #1? Enter Marceline Rae.
This squeaky, strawberry haired, mini me is my entire universe and because of that, she demands a shit ton of attention. So how do I do the writing and do the mommying? In the words of my father whenever we asked him how something worked... "Very carefully."

It means having my notifications going off like fireworks on my phone background while my daughter and I Facetime her Mimi. It means responding to an interview email while I make lunch for Marci and I. It means delaying any real writing till naptime and even then, I don't start till I sort through messages, emails and content calendars. Time carved out for writing often doesn't start until after Marci goes to sleep and stretches till way to late at night. Wake up at 7am. Rinse and repeat. But this is how it works for me. This is how I like it. That squeaky, strawberry haired mini me is my muse and sure, it takes a little juggling to get my work done, but as long as she comes first, I'm satisfied. As long as she comes first, I'm doing my job.

Of course, no man is an island. I am just one wheel in this machine. One of the biggest honors I've had since working for Candor has been creating, coordinating and contributing along with our In House writing team. This group of sublime humans show up with incredible ideas, a commitment to our zine's message, thoughtful dialogue, and hard work to bring our stories to you. They are a joy to work with and are a huge part of what makes Candor, Candor.

Programs that make my life a better place:

I am not a technological fiend. Before Candor, I had barely used a spreadsheet before. And yet, here I am, in charge of a team of writers putting out a shit ton of articles AND creating even more content to keep us afloat, so, ready or not, Rebecca, I had to figure out a way to keep everything together so my head didn't fall off. And when you're working for an online magazine, relying on just a notebook isn't going to cut it.
However, as a Virgo, there isn't a lot that gives me more pleasure in things having their own space, things being functional, things being organized (or at the very least, an organized chaos).
For the work at home parent, small business owner or busy human being needing some new programs to keep your life happy and in place, here's what works for me and keeps my work day running smooth!

I don't do silence very well. Pandora helps me get into an upbeat, inspired and focused headspace. Need a good station to listen to? Check out the Guardians Of The Galaxy or The Piano Guys stations. Both are never fails for me and are on regularly even outside of working hours.

This has been a life saver, not only for me, but for my team. This productivity management program helps us do it all, from assignments to keeping track of our content for the months to come and knowing at a glance where we're at with meeting our deadlines. ClickUp is colorful, streamlined and whatever you need it to be.
Oh. Did I mention it's free? Because it is.

When your inbox is always full of unread emails and Facebook is free but a nightmare for communicating with large groups of people working together, Slack is a great, organized alternative to keep communication moving smoothly. With separate chat spaces and DM options for private chats, this program keeps our editorial staff communicating clearly with each other with a much smaller chance of important information falling through the cracks.

From creating promotional material to our very own Candor Parenting Badges (yeah, they're awesome and they're coming soon!) Canva is a great way to create, share and print designs for your personal or business use. Not only is it incredibly user friendly, but it's sharp enough that it is used by professionals everywhere, Candor included.

If you're interested in contributing to Candor's team, please visit our contribute page!