Tips to Keep from Getting $$$ Screwed by Airlines this Holiday Season

written by Heather Horrell

Traveling is fun. It’s an experience. It’s totally incredible...until the airline checker says “that’ll be $25”. Do What? That got me. “Excuse me kind sir, but whyyyyy?!”. He kind of laughed and told me, “for your bag, of course”. Oh yes, how could I be so silly. In my defense, I hadn’t flown for a couple of years, and was blissfully unaware that your necessities that you like, you know, need when you’re 1000 miles away from home, apparently come at a price.

Since then, I have developed a super awesome way to pack a carry-on because I fly about once a month.  And I carry weird shit to boot. Think Tibetan bowls and twine. I’m really cheap and try not to spend extra money when I don’t have to. Fight me.

Here’s how to travel light:

1. Get a hard-cased carry-on suitcase. Tuesday Morning, TJ Maxx, and Amazon have steals on their luggage. The hard case seems counterintuitive but they do have more room. I don’t know why, as engineering isn’t my forte, but they really hold unimaginable amounts. Plus, the spinner wheels are totally fun too because you can push and pull.

2. Pack clothes that have dual purposes and layer if you are unsure of the weather. Honestly, one pair of jeans is fine if you don’t plan on chasing a tiger in them. Wear your jacket and for the love of Thor, don’t worry about a hair dryer. Most hotels and Airbnbs have them, ya posh queen.

3. Get a backpack. Seriously. Regular purses don’t hold as much and are not as comfortable when travelling. Even if you can’t envision yourself without your precious Coach purse, backpacks allow for light travel. This backpack is the I put my makeup, my laptop, chargers, tablet, get the picture.

4. Keep your beauty routine modest. Now isn’t the time to worry about contouring. A tinted moisturizer, one eyeshadow palette, one blush, etc. Minimalism does actually have a purpose besides amping up hipster cred. You can pack it all in a cosmetic bag and put it in your backpack. You’ll feel just like Dora.

5. Utilize smart packing techniques. Remember the game “Tetris”? That’s your mission. Fit all those little blocks in. Do it obsessively.

Congrats! You’ve just save a whopping fifty bucks and mastered a new skill.

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