My Favorite (mostly!) Kid-Free Space

written by Heather Horrell

I am a mom to six. Yes, six children. And for some reason, I didn’t get super-sweet, docile children. All of them are loud and they take up a lot of space. I love them dearly, but I need a space that is mine so that I can unwind. While there is no room in my nearly 3,000 square foot house that is entirely mine (or my husband’s), I have sought to make our bedroom a refuge from the shenanigans. I should add that our bedroom is mostly a kid-free environment, but isn’t completely – yet – as our two year old still nurses at night!


What do I love about the bedroom?

It’s mine, and I decorated it the way that makes my heart sing. But also, it’s quiet and cool. Our room is the coolest in the house, which is fantastic after running around in circles all day, whether to lasso the kids or to get to work and back. I also love that it’s away from all the other rooms except the kitchen. Being next to the kitchen is true Hufflepuff style (I gotta do my house proud!). And lastly, it was one of the first rooms I decorated. It’s been curated with my own pieces of art, as well as my husband’s. It just feels right.

It’s smaller, which is perfect for illuminating with candles and fairy lights. If you don’t have fairy lights or string lights, get some! I love them at night, but they also create great ambience for frisky time, anytime. I’ve displayed my paintings, embroidery work, and crochet projects throughout the room.


Can you see those gingham dolls? I have had those since infancy, except one which my nanny (grandmother) kept for me until my 18th birthday.


I am obsessed with mixing natural textures with pops of color. This pillow was a thrifty find. And that skein of yarn there? I have a craft room, but my crochet materials stay in my bedroom as a form of solace, too.


I got this vase from a Navajo craftsman on a recent business trip to Albuquerque. I am in love with its color and pattern. Unfortunately, it chipped on the flight home.


My vanity is where I keep all of my Ulta prizes! The baby wrap on the chair is rarely used in the Florida heat, but it’s the best carrier and decor moonlighter. And the kids attempt to sneak into my fortress just to rub the furry rug.


A favorite aunt crochet the blanket and I dyed the yellow blanket, which was originally white. Ice-dyeing creates beautiful swirls, and this is by far one of my favorite pops of color in my room.

He’s not actually disgusted! He’s just a great actor. Isn’t he the cutest addition to the room?

If you are wanting to create a peaceful room, fill it with things that make your heart and eyes leap. It doesn’t have to follow any rules – it just needs to be somewhere you have to be!

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