8 Things You NEED in your Diaper Bag

written by Brooke Duke

Packing a diaper bag is an art. Pack too much, and you’re lugging around an extra 10 pounds of crap you don’t really need. Don’t pack enough, and you’re staring at the poop up your baby’s back wondering if there’s an extra-outfit fairy. But never fear, this handy list will help you pack your bag with all the essentials and none of the useless extras.

1. A pacifier. And then an extra one.
You can never have too many pacifiers. And just when you think you have enough, you will lose them. ALL of them. Always bring an extra pacifier.

2. A receiving blanket.
This is one of those super versatile items that you just can’t go wrong with. Throw it over your baby to block out wind or sun going back and forth from the car. Use it as a diaper changing mat, a nursing cover, or a burp cloth. It can also be, you know, just a blanket.

3. Diapers.
This seems obvious. After all, it is called a diaper bag. But always bring extras! The one time you don’t, your child will have a blowout.

4. Wipes.
Don’t just bring one or two - bring the whole package. You’ll use those things everywhere.

5. Burp cloth/bib.
You gotta save their cute outfit. And yours.

6. A wet bag.
This is essential. Because you have to have somewhere to put the poopy clothes where they won’t get poop on everything else. Throw them in the wet bag, zip it up, and forget about it till you get home.

7. An entire extra outfit.
Not just a onesie. Not just a shirt. An. Entire. Outfit. More often than not, when you need a new onesie, you need new pants too. And sometimes socks.

8. Feeding supplies.
If bottle feeding, a bottle of formula/breast milk. If breastfeeding, boobs (and a nursing cover, if that’s your thing).

BONUS: Older baby items!

If your baby isn’t a newborn anymore, you don’t always need as much stuff. But there are a few extras that never hurt to sub in, like:

1. a teether
2. their favorite toy
3. a soft book
4. a tablet or phone with their favorite Netflix episodes

Happy packing!