Op-Ed: Quit Worrying About Democrats vs. Republicans

The political climate in the United States has become so toxic that people are equally as passionate about what is going as they are burnt out with all the anger and stress it is causing. Whether you are a Democrat, Republican, conservative, or liberal there is enough stress to go around for everyone. So why is it that no one is happy with the way things are going?

The politicians are run by the uber rich via lobbyists. When I say uber rich, I'm not talking just the top 1% of the country's wealth holders. I'm more specifically talking about the top .01%. The average yearly income of this elite group nationwide is $18.9 million. This class of rich need to make sure the nation stays divided and distracted so that they can pass laws that help to keep their wealth. How do they do this?

They control the media and what messages are broadcast into our lives via television, newspapers, and websites. These stories are usually focused on hate (death, terrorists, crime, rapists, global warming, nuclear war) and anger (abortion, religion, racism, homophobia), and seem designed to highlight the differences among the bottom 99% of Americans (race, language, culture).

They promote stories to make the middle class blame the poor for their problems (lack of jobs, changing industries, cost of education, lack of healthcare), when they could easily advocate and create policies to promote the wellbeing of the masses. Instead, they pass laws giving themselves tax cuts that keep their money in their accounts, preventing it from being invested back into society. They make education very hard to attain by driving costs through the roof. Well-educated people stay informed and are politically active, so the super-rich drive people to stay busy working endless hours to just scrape by. They cut social programs that help the most vulnerable people in our society while they enjoy more money than they know what to do with.

So as a society, we need to take back the power. The real power lies in the hands of the people. If it didn't, these uber-rich wouldn't spend so much on political campaigns and work so hard to keep us distracted. We need to stop falling into the trap of them versus us, right versus left, and so on. We need to focus on the similarities that bind us as a human race such as love, prosperity, family, education, working hard, and a sense of community. We all have different opinions, but we must respect those differences and have educated discussions around them rather than using them as a reason to hate each other.

Let's teach our kids to come together and support one another. Let's stop being distracted by the smaller issues and really educate ourselves about what will benefit our communities as a whole, not just the people that agree with our opinions. Lets rise up and fight those that are working so hard to keep us down while lifting themselves up. Become politically active and use your right to vote to make your voice heard. By participating, we can change the political climate to work for the masses instead of against us. We can come together and prosper rather than be torn apart and divided. Let's take back our power and love one another.

Maggie is a new mom to a 4 month old son (please send coffee). She lives in California with her son, husband, and cat. Her passions include photography, cooking, and drinking wine with her best friend. She is a working mom with a fulltime job at a technology company in the silicon valley.