Coffee is Love

“Coffee is Love.” If you’re a coffee drinker you have probably said this line or some version of it. Coffee culture. It is probably just something on the surface for most people, something about the depth of their love for this silky, dark, bitter, magnificent brew. But for me….

Coffee is love. I am never reminded of this more than when my partner is out of town for work. I spend many long minutes every morning staring at my coffee pot and feeling so lonely while he’s away. You see, he makes the coffee. He makes the coffee and I don’t have to so it's always ready for me in the morning, hot and waiting.

Yes, I can make the coffee myself. I am not so helpless. If that’s what you’re getting out of this so far, then either you need some coffee love in your life or you probably are just being a bit cranky and you definitely need some coffee love in your life. Because the point is just that: there’s something special about not having to make the coffee for yourself. Can I bring you some?

You see, every morning my partner kisses me before he leaves for work. Every. Morning. Sometime later I get up and walk to the coffee pot. I fill my cup and it’s as if my partner is there. He is like this coffee. Just enough, stout until you give him some sugar, sooo warm, and deep, and inviting. He fills my cup. He waits patiently for me. He wraps me up and sets me straight so I can conquer my day.

He can’t always be there to spend mornings with me and that's okay, because he is still making sure I start my day right with this one little gesture. It’s a practice so small, so meaningful, and I don’t take it for granted. He’s out of town for a week right now, and I have been so slow to get going in the mornings. I make the coffee at night, I set the timer to brew in the morning, but its not the same. It doesn’t fill me the same. I miss him these mornings and it's a little disorienting. I try to fill the pot with self-love. But it's not the same.

Soon though, soon I will get to start my mornings right again. I will get to start them with love, with being cared for and without having to do that bit of work. I hope to be a partner that can make him feel equally appreciated and cared for. Am I doing that enough? A relationship is a lot like making the coffee. You have to put in the beans, you have to soak them in warmth to steep out the good things, and you have to keep doing that every day. Over and over and then take time to enjoy it.  Maybe I will make the effort to make the coffee for him, too. To keep making the coffee with him. After all, Coffee is Love.

Lindsay is a full-time mom to 3 maniacs with a talent for witchcraft, daydreaming, and explicit language. She enjoys nachos, hot tea, scrolling Pinterest for too many hours and starting projects to be abandoned before completion. She's a goat-lover, birth-intuitive, self-conscious artist, and a delightful mess who is graciously loved in entirety by her partner Richard.