What's in the Cards This Week? Your Weekly Tarot Forecast


Photo credit E. Tempesta 2018

What you notice in this card is, first, the person holding two orbs in their hand. They are trying to balance them. They’re clearly skilled at it, but nevertheless, it’s a lot to do. They are also dancing. Not only do they have to keep both these balls in the air, but they have to look good doing it. 

But there’s more going on in this card. Look behind the figure. The sea is rising in mountains, and there are ships out there trying to stay afloat and make it to their destinations. Some readers suggest that the figure is so preoccupied with their balancing act that they miss the worldly drama going on behind them. 

But I wonder if they know about the drama, if they can’t help but be affected by it. Maybe the state of the world is making their task feel harder and more complicated. Sometimes it’s hard to focus on something so sensitive and precise when the world is heaving and crashing around you. 

Maybe they feel that they have to look good while keeping all their balls in the air. Maybe they are trying to make something so hard look easy. But maybe—and this is the reading that makes me feel strong—maybe they know they can’t calm the seas or dock the ships, but they can bring a little joy and comedy into their own work. 

Their hands seem to be bound, by a loop in the shape of infinity. Perhaps they have to do this balancing act forever. Maybe it’s a weight they were saddled with, or maybe it’s a commitment they are making, to themselves and to the world.

The two of pentacles seems like the right card for the beginning of this publication, about parenting—and living—here and now. There’s so much chaos and fear around us, and we already have so much to do. We feel it as a burden, but also as a commitment. We dance to keep up appearances, but also to bring ourselves and others a little bit of joy. We are this dancer, balancing everything in front of the storm. And we look good.

E. Tempesta is a queer birth worker, gardener, teacher, justice seeker, plant and animal lover, community builder, and in all things an activist.