My Guilty Pleasure: 5 Things to Love About Married at First Sight

An important part of my parenting is my time away from parenting. I need some alone time, y’all. One of my many guilty pleasures recently has been indulging in the absurdity that is the seventh season of Married at First Sight (MaFS). If you’ve never seen the show, it is basically what it sounds like. Three couples are matched by experts, and meet for the very first time at the altar. They then get legally married (yes, at first sight).

Here are five reasons why Season 7 of Married at First Sight is my current favorite guilty pleasure:

1. NO KIDS. Oh sorry, did I just scream that? Yeah. There are no kids. None of this season’s couples are parents yet, so the show is blissfully pregnant with child-free drama (pun intended). If I wanted to think about children right now I’d be playing with mine, instead of covered in snack foods on the couch watching Married at First Sight. Don’t worry, my child has another parent. This is me time.

2. MIA. Wow, this season had a doozy. [Mild Spoiler Alert] On the way to her own honeymoon, Mia was arrested for stalking an ex! In truth, I really like Mia so I kind of felt bad for the girl (and her unsuspecting new husband). Not surprisingly the charges were supposedly dropped, but the drama Mia has continued to bring to the show is exactly what I need in a guilty pleasure. And personally, I hope Tristan and Mia work things out.

3. PUPPY LOVE. If you’ve been watching along with me, you probably caught the pun. Danielle and Bobby have been the second most surprising part of Season 7 (after Mia’s drama, of course). They have filled their marital home with puppies and their cutesy young love for each other. There have been some communication problems throughout the season, but if Bobby is willing to clean up doggy diarrhea in the middle of the night for his bride, I have hope for these two.

4. WOMEN WITH CAREERS. The women of Season 7 each have careers like: Account Executive, Division Order Analyst and Airline Recruiter. At least two of them have explicitly said they would like children, but will return to work once they are born. Even Bobby, one of the more traditionally-minded cast members, whole-heartedly supported his new wife when she expressed this desire. This season certainly challenges traditional “gender norms” in its own little way (y’all, none of the wives can cook either).

5. THE EXPERIMENT. Dating Services bring in about 2.5 to 3 billion dollars every year in the United States. We have all heard the “I swiped right when I should have swiped left” horror stories. Obviously, the prospect of love (and sex) is a big deal. This show asks the question, “Can we put the cart before the horse and find true love?” Would it be easier to fall in love after the lifetime commitment has been made? We’ve all seen couples fall in love, only to struggle with commitment down the line. Which one of these scenarios is backwards? Or are they both right?

Hazel Blossom is a real person with an imaginary name living in sunny California. She enjoys quiet mornings while the kids are at school, thick crust pizzas, and trashy television.

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